What is possible to play with a FIPPLE HEAD? Please listen to that short sample of a 5 part harmony arrangement.
Fipplehead Samba 210BPM.mp3
MP3-Audiodatei [255.9 KB]


Hier sieht man zwei zwei Bögen mit einer tollen Oberfläche und im kleinen Foto das neue Biegetool, um die Bögen in Form zu trimmen.

Ein grosser Schritt nach vorn ist uns nun mit dem neuen, gebogenen "Ellbogen" gelungen - endlich.

A big step forward - the brandnew elbows from brass.

Please have a look at the first little demo video below:


Rory Hoffman
is playing Akkordeon, Guitar and FIPPLE - Flute & his Friend Dan Sherrill
is playing the pandeiro.
Thousand Eyes.mp3
MP3-Audiodatei [6.0 MB]
fipple head - flute & gongs
flgongs 2.mp3
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My fipple head is providing a very good intonation over the entire range of your concertflute, with your normal fingering. And it is curved, so you have an ergonomic handling.

It is of course nessasary to let the tenon of the head  fix to your flute - that is no act for your "flute-doc" or instrument repairman.